Saturday, 3 September 2016

The Selection Method of a Best Baby Crib or Bed

It’s about time that a new member is being added into your family and you are excited above board while making the best of preparations for his welcome. One of these preparations is buying a safe and best baby crib for him/her. But the choosing of the most perfect bed for your coming baby may be a very challenging task and you better not do it without taking any guidance beforehand. And this article is the key guide to your expertise on picking out the safest crib for your baby.

The Safety Criteria for choosing a baby crib:

Every company, however cheap it may be, focuses on getting an approval by Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) and meeting its industry standards while making a baby crib or bed. Moreover, some companies strive to do more and voluntarily add some safety standards set by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). The baby cribs that are made by such brands which also meet the standards of the ASTM are specially certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacture’s Association (JPMS). information was considered necessary to be given to you so that you may know all this already before going to shop for your baby’s crib that the safest and best baby crib is supposed to have met the basic safety standards as well as the additional safety requirements.

Another issue that is often considered by parents while they are on a quest for shopping of a best baby crib is that they tend to go for buying a hand-me-down or used baby crib. This is a far less costly thing to do than buying a brand new crib but can also sometimes prove as dangerous. Therefore, it is strictly recommended that before buying a second hand crib. Also, you must be cent percent sure thatthis baby crib that you are going to buy is in an almost brand new condition even if it is used and meets all the minimum safety standards and necessities because every year there is a rate of about twenty-six infant deaths and some 11,500 hospitalization cases of babies who fell down or suffered injuries by such second-hand cribs which were not as safe as the brand new ones.

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